Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Been a long time!

Hello all! Guilty as charged, i have been very slack on the blogging front although i must admit it has been CRAZY around here the past month! Good crazy though! I turned 28 (!) :), had Mum and Dad R come down and had an amazing week with them, then carmy came for a lil (suprise) visit - suprise with a capital S :) and then we had my beautiful cousin Alyssa's wedding so all in all its been full on! The business is also really zooming along now so we've been busy with that and Levi, well LEVI is as shmucky as ever, our gorgeous darling boy is growing up so fast now!! .... AND... Levi and I are coming over to WA next week to celebrate caleb and carliens wedding and of course catch up with all our friends and family!! Simply can't wait to see you all but for now a few pics of the goings on's- see you next week WA peeps!! xoxoxoxo