Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ode to my amazing man

Just a glimpse of some of the work my amazing husband has done to our house!
There is never a day where Des is not working on a project and he has totally transformed our humble abode!
Bathroom completely renovated- Check!

Front of house transformed:

Decking and new gardens included- Check!

Moving onto back yard, cleared and ready for shed- Check! There is now a shed standing in place which he erected with some help from his mates! Pictures of said shed to follow as well as planned concreting and new extended deck! Phew! And all I do is make scones for morning tea!  :) Love you babe x

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog Virgin!

Hello all!
My darling sister in law Candy set up a blog for us while we were inWA so today I attempt a posting- photos included!!!! For all those that know me you know i am SO technologicaly challenged so this should be interesting!
We had an amazing time in WA and made some more great memories! Here's to our beautiful family and darling friends forever- love you guys!!

Hehehe- Des hanging up washing with glamerous peg bag- i love this guy!
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