Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Been a long time!

Hello all! Guilty as charged, i have been very slack on the blogging front although i must admit it has been CRAZY around here the past month! Good crazy though! I turned 28 (!) :), had Mum and Dad R come down and had an amazing week with them, then carmy came for a lil (suprise) visit - suprise with a capital S :) and then we had my beautiful cousin Alyssa's wedding so all in all its been full on! The business is also really zooming along now so we've been busy with that and Levi, well LEVI is as shmucky as ever, our gorgeous darling boy is growing up so fast now!! .... AND... Levi and I are coming over to WA next week to celebrate caleb and carliens wedding and of course catch up with all our friends and family!! Simply can't wait to see you all but for now a few pics of the goings on's- see you next week WA peeps!! xoxoxoxo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Book Worm

Little Levi man has two great loves, reading and outdoors.  Here's a few pics of him "reading" his books, it usually consists of something like- "AH, DAD, BROOOM" closely followed by "BRRRRRGH" and a dribble :)  xoxoxo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On your bike!

Yesterday Des had his first day off (other than sunday) in a VERY long time! Sooo, what better way to celebrate than to purchase some bikes and head out for a long bike ride around our beautiful but HILLY state! :) All praise to Cadell Evans for his tour de france win because MATE I was STUFFED and my backside very SORE! :) Levi LOVED it in his 'wee traveller' and blabbered the whole time! Des only got embarrased of me once when I had to push the bike (and levi) up the hill 'BIKES ARE MADE FOR RIDING SYLV!!!'  :) All in all we had a great day and when my backside recovers we shall do it again! :) Love to all xox

Sooo glamerous the helmet look! :)

Hehehe, a baby helmet!

 My bumble bee helmet makes me go fast mum!

 'Are you sure this grey thing will break my fall mum?'

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shaving? ALREADY?

Winter, I love it's cold crispness and snuggling inside but when you have a toddler who LOVES outside what does one do? Rug him up in his red suit from 'Aunty Demi' and play with shaving cream on mum and dad's outdoor coffee table! Soooo much fun!!! :) xoxox

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Levi's First Steps!

Levi is soooo close to walking now its's getting so very exciting! He is still a little unsteady but it won't be long now till our little man wont be so little any more! Reflecting back on the past 15 months, from a tiny baby as big as a margarine tub to the healthy, happy little boy we have now we truly marvel at God's goodness towards us and THANK Him every day :) Love to you all xoxox

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Night Shenanigans with Levi!

Climbing in the fish tank cupboard is quite tricky, is quite tricky, climbing in the cuboard is quite tricky ahha ahha! ( to the tune of 'standing on one leg' for all playschool watches :) Little Mr Mischief! How he climbed in there i have no idea, but we laughed ALOT! :) xox

Saturday, July 2, 2011


No, it's not a blog post about a Pakistanie spin bowler :) I actually sliced my arm on a mates broken car window and needed 5 stitches.. silly girl.. My brother Ali is known as Captain Accident but I think for now Ali, my scar is bigger and better than yours! So as requested Candy, here's a blog post of the damage! Pity it's not a cool story like i was attacked by a shark but hey :) There goes my fore-arm modelling days... ha ha ha :) Love to you all xox
WARNING: if sqeemish do not view!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're still alive!

Hello blog world! We are still alive and kicking just been a bit busy of late! Which is a good thing really as it means that my secretarial roll for our business is slowly getting bigger and bigger! :)  Here are a few photos of our munchkin man who really isn't a baby any more! He definately has a lot of SHMUCK mixed in with a bit of STUBBORNESS and a spoonful of CUTENESS going on and makes us laugh every day! More updates to come soon xoxoxo

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Happy Birthday Levi Jacob! Wow, how time flies! Can't believe we are already celebrating our baby's birthday! Feels like only yesterday that he came into the world and yet God has blessed us with one whole year together already! Levi is such a beautiful, happy, healthy little boy and we PRAISE Him for his continued care of all of us! Thankyou to every one who helped us celebrate - we got so many text messages, emails, cards, gifts, phone calls, skypes, kisses and cuddles- it was very much appreciated! You have all been such a big part of our little man's life over the past year and we thankyou from the bottom of our hearts!  Following are a few (come on Sylv, be honest, it's actually 30, you obsessed mother you) photos of the BIG day :) We had a great time, ate lots of cake, fairy bread, frogs in ponds and LOLLIES! Sorry mothers whose children didn't sleep that night ;)  Love from us three xoxoxo

Early morning present giving :)

Cheeky monkey cake for a cheeky monkey :)

 Des and I slaved over it the night before! Pretty proud of our effort!

Cutting, eating and smearing cake! What fun!

 Playing with Eamon and Kayden

 And then there was fairy bread!

 For dinner mind you! Shepherds pie got the boot..

 And fairy bread moved in!

 Only because its your birthday mr :)!

 Opening the Tonka truck from Opa!

 It's about 6pm now and he thought a rest in the back of the truck would do nicely!

The Haul :)!

 Yippeeee! Look at all my presents!!

 Such a spoilt little boy! Thankyou!

 'Aunty' Demi and Connor came up on Friday after Connor's big Op to celebrate!

 So what better excuse than to have another party!! :)

 Two cheeky little monkeys..

 The best of friends :)