Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bluey Boys!

We've finally had a few hot days! Des came home from work wearing his bluey and coincidently Levi was wearing his too! So cute i had to take some photos! Bring on the hot weather and holidays in Esperance!! xoxo

Friday, October 1, 2010

Look how much I've grown!

I am now 56cm long and weigh 9lb8oz! I am 18 and a half weeks old and smiling and talking! Mum says I'm a very happy boy and in the last week i have even started sleeping from 7:30 pm till 2am and then till 6 am!! I am lifting my head up and dad says I am getting strong like him! I am still a 'Neville-no-neck' and getting fatter every day :) Love hugs and kisses to you all xoxoxo

Aunty Carmen and SNOW!!

Aunty Carmen has come all the way from sunny perth to visit us! A trip to the snow was on the cards and since it has been -1-11 most days we were in luck!! We had a great time building snow men and falling knee deep into the big white drifts! It was Levi's first time however he didn't seem too impressed and slept the whole time!! :)  Thanks Aunty Carmen for all your cuddles mmwah I Love You xoxx