Thursday, April 28, 2011


WHAT do you think YOUR doing?!

Cheeky little monkey...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Autumn Glory!

Carmen arrived on Wednesday and since it was such a gorgeous day on Friday afternoon we decided to go to Hollybank for a little stroll! It has to be one of des and my favourite places to go in autumn and although we may have been there a little early for the true display of colours it was still glorious! Much to des' amusement i made him 'stop and take a deep breath' because the woody scent was truly devine! (has anyone else noticed that the older you get the more things you start doing and saying like your mother- something you swore you would never do?!!?! :) Seriously though we had a great time, so lucky to be able to spend time with our little sis!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grape picking with Opa!

On Saturday Levi and I went grape picking at  'Opa's' vineyard! Dad has been running the Entally Estate Vineyard for quite some time now and has managed to produced an awesome crop of delicious grapes ready to be made into the wine we will drink if we decide to fly Qantas to our next holiday destination!! We are very proud of him and his team of workers and I couldn't resist taking a few pics! Mum, Oma, Uncle Colin, Elyse and heap of other volunteers helped pick about 4 tonn in 3 hours- now thats ALOT of grapes! 

The plot that we picked

Oma and Elyse hard at work!

 Dad and his grapes!

Levi was DETERMINED to help pick something....

so he tried his hand at leaf picking and eating....

 and nearly tipped the pram over trying to climb up and reach! Such a little shmuck....... :)

 He was also the foreman making sure all the pickers were up to the task :)

 Mum having a go!

And THEN.... he got to ride the tractor with Opa!

 "Mum, stop this photo taking nonsense, I'm trying to work here woman!"

 "Man, this steering wheel sure is heavy Opa!"

The view on the way home.. Just magical :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going Grey!

We went out for tea all together last friday! It was heaps of fun and i just had to take a few photos of the boys in their get ups! Definately my new favourite photos! :)