Monday, December 13, 2010

From this to this!

Back in November, 2007, we bought our first dream home! It has been a renovators delight and thanks to my very talented husband (with the help of a few mates here and there :) ) we are slowly getting towards the finnish line! The final stage is completing the back yard to complement the new deck extension!  Thankyou darling, for turning our humble abode into a glorious place to live, you are the best and i love you with all my heart xoxo

From this....

To this....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting down to business!

In Series Electrical? What's that you may ask? Well my darling husband is taking the leap and starting up for himself! We are in the process of finalising everything and hope to start 'for real' early next year!! Who better to do the logo than the greatest design guru who has ever walked the planet aka  Amanda Jane Bosveld! Thankyou bestie, you are the bestie!!!

Child Exploitation :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Look who else came to visit!

Chaz and her darling little man Dante came down to visit us!! Between the porcelin hugging and explosive nappy changes courtesy of 'gastroispickedupfromtheairportis'  the three of us- chaz, katie and I, and our three boys- dante, eamon and levi, had a great time catching up! Many a day was spent discussing the challenges of sleeping and eating- who knew that babies slept in 45min sleep cycles and pureed gravy meat mixed with vegies made a great meal!  hehehehheehhe! We did also marevl at our darling husbands, one of which put up a patio while his wife was in tassie, and at the joys of the post baby bod- (with the exception of Katie of course who looks like she stepped out of a add for the worlds most perfect mother :- ) ) .  All in all though we had a marvelous time- thanks for coming down honey! Looking forward to seeing you in December! All our love x mmwah x

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Afternoon Play Time

Hello blog world!!

So sorry we haven't been around! Its been a very tiring few weeks, Levi decided he wanted to get much bigger than 10lb7oz and decided to wake up and feed every two hours for two weeks!! We were both  zombies but i am pleased to report that we have now commenced the farax cereal world, mum's on fenegruek for her milk supply and we are sleeping more now too!  We had a weigh in and tipped the scales at 11lbs 1/2oz and grew to 61cm long! So, another speed bump done and dusted until the next growth spurt! :)
It was my birthday on Sunday and Des spoilt me once again with a digital single lense translucent camera!! Very flash, just need to learn how to use it now!!  The following photos are of Levi and his first attempts at food, i was very sneaky and gave his usual medications to him at the same time and it seems to work!
Love to you all xoxoxo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bluey Boys!

We've finally had a few hot days! Des came home from work wearing his bluey and coincidently Levi was wearing his too! So cute i had to take some photos! Bring on the hot weather and holidays in Esperance!! xoxo

Friday, October 1, 2010

Look how much I've grown!

I am now 56cm long and weigh 9lb8oz! I am 18 and a half weeks old and smiling and talking! Mum says I'm a very happy boy and in the last week i have even started sleeping from 7:30 pm till 2am and then till 6 am!! I am lifting my head up and dad says I am getting strong like him! I am still a 'Neville-no-neck' and getting fatter every day :) Love hugs and kisses to you all xoxoxo

Aunty Carmen and SNOW!!

Aunty Carmen has come all the way from sunny perth to visit us! A trip to the snow was on the cards and since it has been -1-11 most days we were in luck!! We had a great time building snow men and falling knee deep into the big white drifts! It was Levi's first time however he didn't seem too impressed and slept the whole time!! :)  Thanks Aunty Carmen for all your cuddles mmwah I Love You xoxx

Friday, September 10, 2010

Operation Levi!

We made it!!
On Sunday we travelled to Hobart in preparation for Levi's bilateral inguinal hernia repair. It was a big deal for the little guy because of his prematurity and as one specialist put it 'any surgery at this age is a big deal!!' So after an agonising 7 hour fast- agonising as our little man still feeds every 3 hours- we handed him over to the intensivist and nervously waited for the call that he was out! We had been informed that Levi would need to be ventilated for a couple of days and therefore tube fed once again so when we got the call to say he was out and breathing on his own you can imagine our joy!!! The surgeon and intensivists were extremely impressed that he was able to recover so well considering his lungs are still so immature!! What a little legend!!!  6 hours later he was crying and breast fed no dramas and two days later we got to go home! Although we loved showing him off to all the doctors and nurses who saved his life (they were stoked to see him again :-) ) we are so glad to be home! What a gracious God we have, He continues to guide and protect us and blesses us in so many ways!
With love Des, Sylv and Levi xooxxox

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bath with Oma!

Opa and Oma came up and Mum convinced Oma to give me a bath ( She's such a slacka, my Mum ;). Opa was happy to watch, and it was obvious that Oma hadn't lost her magic touch, i loved it!!
Thankyou Oma, I love you xoxo

Monday, August 16, 2010

I love my Dad..

I Love my Dad....

I love my Dad because he is the best dad in the whole wide world xooxoxox

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 8 - 2010

Here's a few pics from the day!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

God is good!

Finally, the day has come, we could present Levi before our loving and gracious God to be baptised. A covenant child of His, whom we praise every day for blessing us with our beautiful son, for making all things well during those first few months (and still now) and for giving Levi to us to bring up in fear of Him, to daily sing of His goodness and mercy towards us.

The Rev presented a beautiful sermon on Psalm 139 entitled:
 'As children of God we are always safe in the care of our heavenly father'
1- God cares for us in all our circumstances (vs 1-12)
2- God made plans for our lives...already before we existed (vs 13-16)
3- God's goodness and care requires a response (vs 17-24)
What more can we say? Our sentiments exactly :)

The following video was taken by my darling mother in law who very discreetly took some film for us so we could share this with our loved ones who couldn't be there- love you all xoxoxo

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Couldn't Resist!

All dressed and ready to go out into the big wide world, Mum made sure I was rugged up to the hilt- you'de think it was winter or something! Then she of course had to take some photos, Mums........ ;)

Look who came to visit!

On Monday morning I was called out of bed to a knock at the door- who could be visiting at 9am i ask myself, probably the post man and he's seen me in my pj's a number of times so today will be no different... I tentatively open the door, Levi in my arms, just enough for the post man not to see the full extent of my pink, silky, milk stained pj's and low and behold Mandy jumps out infront of us! Levi is so used to his extremely quiet mother :) that he didn't bat an eyelid, granted my screams were a tad less loud than usuall for his sake! So, what an awesome suprise! Thanks 'aunty' Mandy for coming to visit us and for smothering us with love! Can't beat french toast, cinnamon apples and tea made for you in bed- thanks babe!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi all! 
We have been home now for exactly 2 weeks and loving it! Levi is such a clever little man, he is now fully breastfeeding and weighs...wait for it....5lb 10oz!! From 3lb 4oz at birth he has come such a long way! We have been discharged from the hospital at home program and now simply have regular check ups with the community child health nurse! It is so great to be at home with him and be together at last, i am loving every moment! We now wait till his due date - 29th July- till we can start taking him out and introduce him to the world! Since we have been homebound it's been the perfect opportunity for my darling sister in law to work her magic! Candy,otherwise known as Photographer Extraordinaire :), took some family (family! hehehe!) shots for us on Sunday. She did an amazing job and our wall is plastered with them already! Thank you darling! Here is a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!!!