Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi all! 
We have been home now for exactly 2 weeks and loving it! Levi is such a clever little man, he is now fully breastfeeding and weighs...wait for it....5lb 10oz!! From 3lb 4oz at birth he has come such a long way! We have been discharged from the hospital at home program and now simply have regular check ups with the community child health nurse! It is so great to be at home with him and be together at last, i am loving every moment! We now wait till his due date - 29th July- till we can start taking him out and introduce him to the world! Since we have been homebound it's been the perfect opportunity for my darling sister in law to work her magic! Candy,otherwise known as Photographer Extraordinaire :), took some family (family! hehehe!) shots for us on Sunday. She did an amazing job and our wall is plastered with them already! Thank you darling! Here is a few pictures for your viewing pleasure!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Des and Welcome Home LEVI!

     My darling husband turned the big 2 4 on July the 5th!! It also happened to be Levi's last night in hospital which meant we could enjoy the 24hr babysitting service we have had for the last 2 months one last time and go out for tea! Levi made him a card with his footprints on it- clever boy and daddy loved it!
     What better birthday present than to finally bring our little man home- and what a homecoming it was! I'm sure we both cried out a small ocean and checked that he was still breathing about a hundred times!! :) The journey still continues, we have been discharged on the hospital at home program which means we tube feed at home and have second daily visits by the nurse to check his weight! Presently we are attempting to exclusively breastfeed and are desperately trying to do away with the tube- next weigh in is today so we will see how we've gone!  Can't actually believe how far we have come in these last two months! Levi is an inspiration and a daily example of Gods almighty love and care for us! We are truly blessed! Till next time xoxooxoxxo


Monday, July 5, 2010

Just the cutest thing!

This was just having a cuddle together one saturday night and Levi decided to 'laugh' for us! Turn the sound up- its just too funny!!!