Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011


On Wednesday we say TTFN (ta ta for now ) to my lil sis! She is off to europe on a working visa for a year and plans to galavant around the place for a touch of culture beyond what we already have here in Tas :) We are going to miss her terribly, life wont be the same without her around, no friday drop in's, long yaks on the couch and tea made with the smallest amount of milk possible (serious Lea, its like the milk flew over it and forgot to land!) But we know that you will have the trip of a life time, meet some amazing people (maybe even one of the male variety :-) ) and make some amazing memories! We pray that God will bring you back safely to us in due time - we love you very very much. Levi is going to miss his aunty lea cuddles x mmwah x love you x
Bon Voyage!!! xoxoxoxox