Sunday, November 28, 2010

Look who else came to visit!

Chaz and her darling little man Dante came down to visit us!! Between the porcelin hugging and explosive nappy changes courtesy of 'gastroispickedupfromtheairportis'  the three of us- chaz, katie and I, and our three boys- dante, eamon and levi, had a great time catching up! Many a day was spent discussing the challenges of sleeping and eating- who knew that babies slept in 45min sleep cycles and pureed gravy meat mixed with vegies made a great meal!  hehehehheehhe! We did also marevl at our darling husbands, one of which put up a patio while his wife was in tassie, and at the joys of the post baby bod- (with the exception of Katie of course who looks like she stepped out of a add for the worlds most perfect mother :- ) ) .  All in all though we had a marvelous time- thanks for coming down honey! Looking forward to seeing you in December! All our love x mmwah x

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Afternoon Play Time

Hello blog world!!

So sorry we haven't been around! Its been a very tiring few weeks, Levi decided he wanted to get much bigger than 10lb7oz and decided to wake up and feed every two hours for two weeks!! We were both  zombies but i am pleased to report that we have now commenced the farax cereal world, mum's on fenegruek for her milk supply and we are sleeping more now too!  We had a weigh in and tipped the scales at 11lbs 1/2oz and grew to 61cm long! So, another speed bump done and dusted until the next growth spurt! :)
It was my birthday on Sunday and Des spoilt me once again with a digital single lense translucent camera!! Very flash, just need to learn how to use it now!!  The following photos are of Levi and his first attempts at food, i was very sneaky and gave his usual medications to him at the same time and it seems to work!
Love to you all xoxoxo