Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On your bike!

Yesterday Des had his first day off (other than sunday) in a VERY long time! Sooo, what better way to celebrate than to purchase some bikes and head out for a long bike ride around our beautiful but HILLY state! :) All praise to Cadell Evans for his tour de france win because MATE I was STUFFED and my backside very SORE! :) Levi LOVED it in his 'wee traveller' and blabbered the whole time! Des only got embarrased of me once when I had to push the bike (and levi) up the hill 'BIKES ARE MADE FOR RIDING SYLV!!!'  :) All in all we had a great day and when my backside recovers we shall do it again! :) Love to all xox

Sooo glamerous the helmet look! :)

Hehehe, a baby helmet!

 My bumble bee helmet makes me go fast mum!

 'Are you sure this grey thing will break my fall mum?'

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shaving? ALREADY?

Winter, I love it's cold crispness and snuggling inside but when you have a toddler who LOVES outside what does one do? Rug him up in his red suit from 'Aunty Demi' and play with shaving cream on mum and dad's outdoor coffee table! Soooo much fun!!! :) xoxox