Friday, July 27, 2012

Just some Randoms

Hello all! Just a few randoms of nothing much at the request of my bro Ali :) Might try and do a few pregnancy shots soonish as we are creating new milestone dates weekly - Praise be to Him!! :) 
Love to you all :) xxxxx

Lil Shmuck!
 Got Des' hair wax and had a party in our bathroom! :)
 Still a water baby!
 Favourite thing ever....
 Reading books with Mum and Dad before bed :)


  1. Love the close up photo of Levi's face reading books!! what a little monkey! PS... should take that basketball out from under your top before having photos taken xx

  2. hi. He takes after his dad i reckon, you were never that naughty!! phffttttt!!

  3. He looks so grown up (for a little kid). Can't wait to see you in October. Elijah bawled his eyes out that he couldn't go with mummy to visit Aunty Sylv and Uncle Des and see their baby. We said they would probably visit him soon(ish)(hint,hint). You have to start putting up more pics!

  4. Thanks sylv! Cant wait to see you guys! 3 more months.....:)

  5. Thanks for the update :) makes us miss you so much more!! Xxx